HOUSING SECURITY: Creating Equitable Housing Opportunities

Housing affordability is a right that any resident should have. There should be a strong inventory of housing options for each income level that’s affordable, and that helps residents gain access to the help or resources they need.

TRANSPORTATION SECURITY: Providing Effective and Efficient Transit Options

Raleigh must be able to provide residents with safe, reliable, and efficient transportation options that meet their needs. We must have a solid infrastructure that truly supports residents in their everyday life - whether we’re using public transportation, driving, walking, or riding a bicycle.

ECONOMIC SECURITY: Building Sustainable Growth

Having a strong economy is rooted in our ability to equally steward our population growth well, while creating opportunities for long-term residents to grow into higher levels of economic stability. Our prosperity hinges on our ability to invest in our local workforce, educational institutions, and in downtown revitalization.

SAFETY: Embracing Preventive and Comprehensive Safety Measures

When a city meets the physical, social, and cultural needs of its residents, residents are more likely to experience deeper feelings of safety and well-being.  We must use a different approach to safety that addresses community concerns, involves residents in policy-making decisions, and adopts a holistic approach to safety beyond traditional policing.

DIGITAL SECURITY: Strengthening Our Connectivity and Infrastructure

Investing in state-of-the-art technology will help to support the advancement of remote work, small-business growth, collegiate talent retention, and communication between the city officials and residents.

COMMUNITY HEALTH: Guaranteeing Transparency and Accountability

Our ability to become a healthy city is directly related to residents’ ability to engage with the city. We will become a healthy Raleigh when:
    - There are easy and consistent opportunities for residents to give their input
    - There is trust and transparency between residents and local government
    - Those making decisions reflects the diversity of the city