“Terrance is a new generational leader who represents the best of good governance and compassionate concern for the citizens and the issues of a growing city and county. He is a robust intellectual who brings critical broad based analysis to his leadership roles. He demonstrates a spirit of openness for leading in the context of diverse needs and opinions with a committed sense of working toward fulfilling the 'Beloved Community.' His leadership and integrity is a welcome addition to the political landscape.”

Dr. Dumas A. Harshaw, Jr.,
From Spirit to Spirit: A Ministry of Prayer & Encouragement

“Imagine leadership that prioritizes collaboration, empathy, creativity and ethical decision-making while facing complex realities and ambiguous possibilities. A visionary city like Raleigh needs visionary leadership capable of summoning, focusing, and mobilizing the energy of the people toward authentic connections with each other and shared purposes as a community. With courage, with humility, Dr.Terrance Ruth is that guy.”

- Dr. Kaleb Rashad, Creative Director, Center for Love &Justice

“As Mayor of Raleigh, Terrance Ruth will bring his proven ability to build coalitions to solve some our city’s most complex challenges. Terrance appreciates the limits of city government and his track record of leveraging community-based grass-roots nonprofits will benefit all of our neighbors. Terrance is a servant-leader, humble, and courageous . He does the right thing –not the easy thing. He is for all of our neighbors – not just one neighborhood or community. ”

- Jim Dotson, Executive Director, Mission Triangle

“Terrance embodies compassion, kindness, and has a profound understanding of our community's needs. He consistently recognizes the diverse perspectives and experiences that make Raleigh so great and he is dedicated to making sure we are all at the table! And truly, he has an unwavering commitment to making the world a more inclusive, loving place.”

- Maggie Kane

“Terrance Ruth is the leader Raleigh and this state needs now. He uniquely possess the skill, talent, and passion to move this city forward. His ability to listen and make others truly feel heard is a gift, where everyone feels they can collaboratively participate in a stronger and better community.”

- R. Ross Harris

“Terrance is honest and humble and genuinely cares for people. He listens to every voice and is willing to learn from his interactions so that he can work for the benefit of the whole group. He has modeled this in his personal life and career, and Raleigh will be a better place with Dr. Terrance Ruth as mayor.”

KJ Hill, Co-founder and President of ReCity Network

“In a pivotal moment for our city's future, Terrance Ruth stands as the beacon of hope and progress. With a steadfast belief in the power of community, economic prosperity, and prioritizing people over policy, Terrance Ruth embodies the values that Raleigh needs in its leadership.”

- Victoria Scott-Miller
Owner, Liberation Station Bookstore

“Terrance is deeply rooted in community: He looks for answers through dialogue; he believes in the ability of communities to identify and solve problems; he looks to communities to join together to envision a better future. This is the kind of leader Raleigh needs. Now.

- Ann McMcoll,
Lawyer and Raleigh Native